Fine time | 2018

'Fine Time' is a student film production that was done for a 'Screen Directing' class. The students were given scripts and asked to produce the whole film by casting actors to post-production. 

Being Italian in Korea | 2018

For my Storytelling Workshop class, I chose to do a documentary that focuses on someone with a background of Western culture exploring a world of East Asian culture. My professor, Mrs. Emilia Petrocelli was kind enough to be my main subject and share her experience from living in Italy to teaching Italian/Culture in Korean universities.

Young CulturE | 2017

This video was my final project for my documentary film class. Culture is something that is very important to me and by doing this project I knew that some other people have this same passion as well. Being able to experience other cultures and have the opportunity to take part in our own culture really makes an impact on me and the other students that I interviewed.

Road To Battle | 2017

Kapwa Loyola came in second place in the cultural competition, Battle of the Bamboo. This video displays the groups' great effort and vigorous practice to their success.

Sal Malaki In Concert | 2017

CGCMD Studios produced a concert in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal (National Hero of the Philippines). Sal Malaki performed as well as other musical talents. 

*This video only has Sal Malaki's performance.