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Hello there!

My name is Kristen Pascual, and I reign from South Bend, Indiana. I am currently finishing up my last year at Loyola University Chicago with a Film & Media Production Major and an International Studies Minor. 


My passions include videography, photography and traveling. I found that much of my content has been culture focused which originated from embracing my own identity and cultural background.


Through this competitive industry, I learned to adapt to stressful situations quickly and to be comfortable with any challenge that comes up. I've become confident with my skills, but I always keep an open mind for self-improvement.


What I would like to see in the future are more women and Asian representation in the entertainment industry. As identifying with both of these, I find myself eager to be a voice for minorities not to stray away from what they want to do. 


There's nothing more rewarding for yourself than following your passions and doing what makes you happy.

More curious about what I'm all about? Read My Story to see what inspired me to choose this career path. 

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