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My Story

Ever since I was young I always thought I wanted to be a doctor. I thought going to Med school would be everything; it would be my life goal. This is what I kept within me during middle school and high school. Little did I know that sophomore year of university how much this field wasn't for me. I realized that coming from a family of doctors, this was the only reason why I thought being a doctor was for me too. Switching to pursuing a film major was nerve-wracking not only for me but also my parents. 


I'm so blessed to have parents that supported me in this change but at the same time, they were worried about my future. But let's get real, whos' parents aren't. I understand there's stability in going to the medical field, however, if I didn't try out this new course I would've regretted it in the long-run.


The answer is NONE; there isn't a particular movie or TV show that really sparked my interest in becoming a filmmaker but instead, I fell in love with the production of it. In high school, I would produce small videos promoting clubs and upcoming events that would premiere on the daily announcements. I learned the art of photography from my father. Editing became a love of mine after watching endless travel videos on youtube. 


It was difficult coming from a culture where being a doctor or a lawyer was the only occupations for success. There were also personal pressures of wanting to make my parents proud making their migration to the United States worth it. Along with the familial struggles, working in an industry where Asian-Americans are underrepresented made my parents worry even more. Obviously, there were many negative factors. However, with my program being in the School of Communications, I can become a voice for Asian-Americans and prove that our minority group can make it as well. Prove them wrong! Prove to those that are unbelieving that it is possible. 


As my college career is coming to an end my journey is only beginning. I found interest in TV production, documentary work, and advertising. With refining my 

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